Thursday, August 14, 2008

ChivasUSA/Galaxy running blog

We're finally online.
Chivas USA
Zack Thornton
Carey Talley
Bobby Burling,
Shavar Thomas
Francisco Mendoza
Keith Savage
Jesse Marsch
Paulo Nagamura
Daniel Paladini
Justin Braun
Atiba Harris

Steve Cronin
Chris Klein
Sean Franklin
Ante jazic
Greg Vanney
David Beckham
Alvaro Pires
Peter Vagenas
Ely Allen
Edson Buddle
Landon Donovan

Sorry I have no details about game atmosphere - we've been scrambling to get wireless here in the pressbox.
If I suddently stop posting- let's blame the wireless as well.
Cobi is wearing a suit. Preki is in his usual team warmups.
1- Becks hits a cross too far, Zack catches it.
3 - FK Chivas USA - cleared to Becks, who gets grabbed.
4 - Justin Braun and Sean Franklin on the run - ball goes out for a GK
5 - Becks' cross gets cleared. Both teams seem nervous and the soccer is pretty rough.
7 - Becks springs Klein, who shoots - a bit wide.
8 - Vagenas springs Buddle, but his cross to LD gets cut off.
9 - GOAL! Klein springs LD, who gets in on Thornton, shoots past him and - side netting! 1-0.
10 - VERY Interesting. . . The TV shows a shot of Bruce Arena in the AEG luxury bos with Tim Leiweke.
12 - Crappy Vanney pass to no one.
13 - Jazic gets tackled hard, but the ref lets it go.
14 - Braun in the box - put his shot just wide.
15 - LD! But he puts it over the bar. It was a bit of a tough touch.
18 - Braun is out - he must've gotten hurt. Roberto Nurse comes in for him.
21 - Jazic fouls Savage on the wing.
22 - Paladini takes the FK, but it gets cleared. Outlet pass to LD gets cut off well by Shavar.
23 - LD on the attack, pretends he's going to pass to Buddle, then breaks for goal and shoots - high.
25 - Nurse in the box - high.
26 - Zack waits too long for a GK, hits LD, but eventually a foul gets called and the Chivas USA attack ends up at the Galaxy doorstep, where Cronin snatches the ball away just in the nick of time.
28 - Atiba Harris in the box, shoots, beats a diving Cronin, but just barely misses the far post.
29 - Burling just barely late on a tackle catches Becks. FK. A bit too central and far out for a shot on goal. Chivas USA clear the kick.
31 - Ely knocks a good pass to a breaking Becks, but Chivas USA get the ball out for a throw, then a goal kick.
32 - Lots of extracurricular kicks and pushes between players. Guess it wouldn't be a derby without that.
34 - Becks seems to be kind of wandering around the field. He overhits Buddle on a pass.
35 - Burling knocks down Buddle near midfield.
36 - It's a strange game. No real rhythm. Pires is down in the box, no call, Chivas USA counter quickly and Harris cuts the ball back in the box, then shoots, beats Cronin again - is wide again.
38 - Apparently Braun has an ankle injury.
39 - The Galaxy finally put together a real nice attack out of the back, and LD chases down a pass to knock a cross to Buddle, who one-times it. High. Too bad. That looked lovely until the end. MLS goals with that much team buildup are rare.
40 - Talley takes down Pires, who is rubbing his knee in pain. He limps to the sideline. It's a far off FK. Chivas USA get the ball right back and then knock it out of bounds themselves.
43 - Panchito's cross gets cut off by Franklin, but the Galaxy attack also gets blunted by the defense of Chivas USA.
44 - Nurse goes down versus Franklin, but doesn't get the call, much to the consternation of fans.
45 - FK for Chivas USA. I'm rather surprised that was called a foul.
Talley lines it up, beats the wall - Cronin dives and just barely parries it out.
Well, the Galaxy deserved their goal, and could have finished off a few more, but it wasn't as if Chivas USA didn't have their chances.
Buzz in the pressbox is that Bruce Arena might be coming in as Galaxy general manager. I guess that would leave it open still for Peter Nowak to be coach. A Polish reporter here is sure it's going to happen.
47 - Sloppy defending gives Chivas USA a FK in a good spot. The ball comes through and a bobbled clearance leaves Cronin flapping at the ball - out over the line.
49 - CK for Chivas - Harris with the header, but Cronin catches.
50 - GOAL - Nagamura crosses, then Nurse dummies wonderfully, leaving Harris practically alone on goal. He doesn't waste the chance, burying his shot into the underside of the net.
52 - Becks hits behind the defense for LD to run onto. He cuts back to beat Thornton, but looks to pass when his angle is cut off. Meanwhile, Zack runs back into goal. It's not even needed, though, when Ely receives LD's pass and shoots wide.
53 - No goal! Buddle was deemed offside.
54 - LD fouled, but FK cleared out.
56 - Thornton catches cross.
58 - LD cross caugh by Zack again.
59 - Marsch fouls Pires from behind - yellow. Far out FK, though.
61 - Becks runs down a long pass, but Mendoza takes it away from him, whereupon a clearly frustrated Becks fouls him from behind. Yellow.
60 - Chivas USA clear it to the sideline for a throw.
62 - The Galaxy are acting like the home team, possessing and pushing for the second goal, while Chivas USA breaks on the counter.
63 - GOAL! Becks goes down near the box, clearly expecting a foul call. Instead, Chivas USA takes off on the counter. Harris hits a little touch pass to Nagamura breaking in the box, and Nags nutmegs Cronin. 2-1 Chivas USA.
67 - Becks overhits a cross badly on a nice Galaxy attack. Ely chases the ball down and gets fouled for a FK.
68 - FK gets deflected for a throw.
69 - On the counter, Chivas USA pass into the box, Nurse header, is OFF THE POST!
71 - Galaxy corner. Becks sends it in, Zack comes out, but misses, Klein shoots a blooper towards goal and Pires ?!?!?!!? blocks his teammate's shot? Perhaps he was trying to lay the ball off, but no one was there to get the ball.
74 - Ely shoves Talley off the ball, gets a yellow.
76 - Gordon comes in for Pires, which doesn't speak well for how Cobi regards Carlos Ruiz, perhaps.
77 - Thomas is coming out for Jim Curtin.
79 - Marsch is down, but I didn't see why.
82 - Franklin with a shot - wide. Ely knocks a pass for Gordon, but Gordo can't quite get there. Ely is off now, for Mike Randolph.
84 - Ball in the box, Gordo is down, but no call.
85 - Nags gets a yellow for pulling LD down.
87 - Jazic earns the Galaxy a corner. Ball bounces out to Vagenas, who hits a sqare ball to LD, whose shot is high.
88 - Becks hits Randolph with a pass - he shoots past Thornton - OFF THE CROSSBAR!
90 - Becks hits Klein, whose cross hits Mendoza, but Panchito is able to save it before it goes out for a corner.
90+ Talley gets a yellow for timewasting.
GOAL! Jazic puts in the pass and it's GORDON with a header past Thornton. 2-2.
HOW IS THAT NOT A RED? Harris just tackled Becks down bigtime and it was way off the ball. FK cleared, shot put back in, out for corner. Chivas USA clear.
Final whistle. The trophy comes out for the Galaxy, because they didn't lose to Chivas USA this year. One win, two draws.


Rudy said...

Prediction, 2-1 Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

did that guy talking to Bruce just say "are we going to see that when you take over?"

ive watched what he said a few times and I swear thats what he said

Jonathan Geissler said...

wow chivas looks terrible

Rudy said...

Foolish me for thinking the Galaxy might be able to take down MASH USA.

Glen said...

can't believe Harris got away with that foul on Beckham. where's the red card!

the ref's in the MLS are complete sh*t, really hurts the game!

Anonymous said...

Agreed that MLS' refs hurt the game. Donovan was onside and Harris should have been gone for at least 1 game. Oh well...theres only one team in LA.....

Anonymous said...

god forbid someone foul goldenballs! how dare they!!!

Eric Jasso said... you have ANY idea why Mike Randolph is not starting? He adds so much speed to the attack. Do you know anything we don't know?

RHYbread said...

god forbid a player throws a flagrant hip check and get away with it, amirite anon?

@eric I'd say it's because his first touch is really weak, and he's very prone to running himself out of position.

Ben7 said...

1st half = G's doing fine, (score, creat chances) Chivas not much

2nd half = Chivas doing better, LA continues to miss chances and looses 2 points, eventough we score a late equaliser.

What about the "post" final whistle aggro stuff, what happend, my stream didn't work anymore.

Numer 1 in town, but for the playoffrace it was rather 2 points lost.

Anonymous said...

what about that alvaro pires elbow to marsch's jaw?

The Snarky One said...

It's called a pick, Andrea Canales. Ever watch baskeball? Beckham has. He should have seen Harris standing there and moved away. what's Harris supposed to do?
"Oh go right by me Mr. Beckham, I'm Atiba Harris and irrelevant to the MLS next to you"


Once again Andrea, your Galaxy fetish gets the best of you and blinds your ability to be serious journalist.

I still love hearing your lisp.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Harris supposed to be sent to the hospital some time back...

...apparently no one got the message.

The Snarky One said...

I love hearing my lisp as well