Friday, August 1, 2008

Step into the spotlight readings

Let the light pour in.

Marcus' take on the USWNT.

Another take.

Story with pics.

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ghostwriter said...

Love the pictures here and on the USSF web site. Everybody looks loose, relaxed, and ready to go.

Rampone, as captain, has been visible and "leaderly" (if that's a word). This seems in some ways to be "her" team much more than the prior one was Lilly's. Even without Abby, I think they're in a better spot now than going into WC. In that regard, you've got to love Pia's quote that it's a priviledge to play under pressure.

Interesting to see the comment from Marcus suggesting Abby had some "second thoughts" on how far things went with Solo at (& after) WC.

Also there's quite a nice story about Stephanie (Lopez) Cox's "comeback" on the USSF site.

I like this group. There's a good "vibe" to 'em. I think they'll acquit themselves well once things get under way.