Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Marsch talks Clasico, first place

After Tuesday's practice, I had the chance to catch up with several Chivas USA players and talk about - what else? - Thursday's Super Clasico. One of the players I spent some time with was this guy, Chivas' Jesse Marsch. He always has a good perspective about things and Tuesday's interview was no different.

Marsch talked about the Clasico, how first place can be a bit deceiving and how this game could help set up the upcoming slate of games for Chivas (SuperLiga).

The other voice in there is Phil Collin from the Daily Breeze. When Phil threw the questions over to me, I was in the middle of another thought so my question kind of stammered out.

Anyway, here's the audio. It's about five minutes worth.


soyjimador said...

are my eyes deceiving me or is that galindo next to burling?

L.B. said...

Your eyes are deceiving you. That's Roberto Nurse. Hopefully he sticks around.

Anonymous said...

Is he good LB? i tried to search for him on line, however nothing comes up. Is this possibly Chivas USA's DP player.

L.B. said...

No, not DP. He played with Queretaro and Atlante before. Not sure where he spent the last year or so since Queretaro was relegated, perhaps in the second division. He's a forward and could help out.

Anonymous said...

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