Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's his salary, again?

Apparently Shaka Hislop can't afford a DVR.
Or a $20 dollar full-season subscription to MLS Live, which archives all the matches online. Basically, Hislop maintains that he wasn't able to watch this weekend's games, so he wrote a column on the evils of racism instead.
In that context, it might be nice to note that the American league is one where racist chants have, to my knowledge, not taken place.


Anonymous said...

Alright now seriously, come on!
I absolutely understand his column is supposed to be about MLS not about whatever he feels the need to write about that week but seriously andrea, get off his case. We know he sux. His writing sux. His perspective on MLS sux, we get it! You could go about and select one soccer columnist a week to pick apart, that would be more fun. By now we realize shaka's stuff is not up to par so let it be, please.
You're better than this.

Anonymous said...

Racist and homophobic both from A certain group

Just 'cuz there not directed at black players doesn't mean chants like "el que no cante es un gringo maricon" arent upsetting

Anonymous said...

must that there's no racism in america... that's what it is. what a waste of space to dedicate a whole column to racism, i mean, can't he write about all the other wonderful things going in in mls? didn't tom cruise show up at a galaxy game just the other day? that's gotta be worth something, no?

Anonymous said...

how the PUTO!!! chant whenever the opposing goalie hits the ball? not racist but definitely homophibic to my understanding.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it makes you look like you have an inferiority complex when you take cheap shots at the work of others.

A.C. said...

I've never said Shaka sucks, but I have pointed out where his writing has been inaccurate or in this case, when I didn't buy his excuse about not being able to watch MLS games.
It's not Shaka I'm really criticizing - it's the powers that be that give someone a column on a topic without holding him accountable to writing about it.

pcsolotto said...

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