Friday, May 16, 2008

Mexico's worst

... may be South America's best.

America finished dead last in the Mexican league table during the Clausura 2008 season, the first time the club has ever finished bottom of the table.

But America is one step away from the Copa Libertadores semifinals. America took care of Brazil's Santos by 2-0 in Estadio Azteca on Thursday. America needs only a draw to get through. Even a loss could see America through.

Here are the highlights. German Villa had a sublime pass to Salvador Cabanas on the second goal, and Cabanas touch and finish were perfect.


CACuzcatlan said...

What's the deal with relegation. I know Mexican relegation rules are different than Europe's. Is America in danger of dropping to the second division?

L.B. said...

Not at all. The league takes into account the records of the five previous seasons, so you have to be pretty bad for a long period of time to get sent down.

I think the formula is points per game over the previous five seasons. Divide the number of points by the number of games played and the team with the lowest number at the end of the Clausura season gets sent down.

Anonymous said...

you'd have to pretty bad for the past three years, two tourneys per season in mexico... can't really call a four-month tourney a full season.

interestingly enough, atlas also finished last last year, i believe it was clausura 07.


L.B. said...

That's right. Atlas was terrible last year, and they weren't that great in league this year either. But they've looked spectacular in Libertadores.

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