Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two sides

Martin had to break up a heated argument between Scott French and I about Steve Morrow. Now, I was surprised to see him fired, but I think the move could turn out positively for FC Dallas. Scott vehemently disagreed, and said that the squad was doomed, basically. He said no good could come out of building a team of young players and then not giving their coach time to develop them.
That's similar to Steve Davis' argument.
My points on Morrow, though, were that he didn't really improve on the mediocrity that got Colin Clarke fired, and in some ways, the fact that he was Clarke's assistant gives the argument that he had longer to work with and improve the team than his actual head coaching tenure, but FC Dallas still wasn't really going anywhere positive.
Morrow always struck me as a steely sort of guy, steady, but not inspiring. Some coaches, players will go out of their way to say how hard they're working for him, because a certain kind of coach can really inspire incredible loyalty. I don't think Morrow necessarily "lost" the Dallas locker room, but neither did I ever get the sense that he was a coach the players would follow into a warzone or anything.
Another point I'll make is that while I don't know what sources Diego Aparicio has, I wouldn't dismiss his claims either, for the simple fact that players will sometimes say things in Spanish that they won't say in English, either because they don't know the language well, or because it's easier for them to confess or let something slip in their native language. Davis, to my knowledge, doesn't speak Spanish, and perhaps some of the grumblings about Morrow have been spoken in Spanish.
Finally, the firing of Jorge Alvial seems a bit fishy - and perhaps a sign that Michael Hitchcock isn't the only one with a quick trigger finger. If Morrow felt undermined by the popular assistant, and told management, "He's a cancer, I need him gone," he set himself up if the team didn't respond positively to that move. Some assistants don't get the glory, but are instrumental to a team's success (Paul Mariner, please pick up the white courtesy phone).
Speaking of Mariner, I guess my main point is that if FC Dallas finds a good coach (the charismatic Oscar Pareja also is an interesting option), their roster is talented enough to learn from such a person. I'm not saying firing Morrow was the right move - I'd say it was a huge gamble, but unlike others, I think it could possibly pay off.


Anonymous said...

maybe, smacks of desperation from a GM who knows his own job is on the line. reminds me a bit of LA firing sigi, not identical as there was probably more reason to sack sigi, but both moves were made for the wrong reasons at the wrong time.

i expect dallas will go through two or three coaches over the next few seasons, massive player turn-over a couple of missed play-offs as HSG looks for quick fixes.

what they need is a sigi/kinnear/nicol type coach who has a great eye for talent, a history of putting together winning teams and the balls to let the coach have three seasons to build the team.

Anonymous said...

everyone needs that type of coach. as a season ticket holder I grew disenchanted with the old english dump and chase approach. gullit totally out-coached him, and he wasn't the first. nicol did the same earlier. yes, it's a huge gamble, and hsg is not to be trusted, but it could payoff with the right hire. i say pareja.