Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So much for Atlas

Atlas fell by the wayside and were done in by the superior team as Boca Juniors demolished Atlas 3-0 in Guadalajara.

Boca played like a club that has won six Copa Libertadores titles and Atlas played like the zorritos we all know and love, the sad-sack overhyped club that couldn't win a championship if it was handed to them.

Boca Juniors moves on to the semifinals while America holds the Mexican league's last hope in Libertadores. America visits Santos of Brazil on Thursday with a 2-0 aggregate advantage, but we all saw how Atlas handled their advantage so America certainly has won nothing yet.


Here are the highlights. Juan Roman Riquelme, Martin Palermo and Rodrigo Palacio make for a talented attacking trio. I wonder if Atlas knew this before the game.


Anonymous said...

great victory should have been 7-0

Gabriel in Argentina said...

I agree..could have easily been about 7-0. I was surprised by how much space and time they gave is almost as if they didn't know who they were playing!

Well, as the Boca fans say hay tiempo para equipos chicos..there is no time for small clubs..

Christian said...

yea Boca demolished Atlas but Atlas didn't really play like they've been playing lately, maybe they gave Boca too much respect or maybe the youngsters showed their inexperience. The young guys from Atlas will deffinitely gain a lot of experience from this game. Not a bad way to go out I suppose, losing to last year's champion.

Hey Luis, maybe someday the Galaxy can aspire to get to the Libertadores quarters with a bunch of youngsters from their cantera. Maybe not.