Thursday, May 1, 2008

To the victor go the jokes

Raul Vargas, the Galaxy's equipment manager, has been with the team as long as Cobi Jones has - from the very start of the club - so he takes their wins and losses especially to heart. At practice the other day, he stopped by to tell me how I should wave to any Chivas USA players.

Not like this:

But like this:

Even as I chuckled, I was thinking about how the Galaxy won the first SuperClasico last season, only to go on to two 3-0 losses to Chivas USA. The teams also have yet to meet where it really matters - the playoffs. Bottom line, that "laughing best when laughing last" stuff is true.


jamesey said...

How do you wave if you win 1-0?

Anonymous said...

Boo yah, Raul!! Good one!

It's gotta be sweet to be a Galaxy player this week walking around the HDC.

The Hammer said...

I was down at the stadium yesterday. That's exactly how I waved at Preki.

Anonymous said...

If you really waved at Preki you'd get bitch smacked for the little biatch you are, mallet.