Thursday, May 1, 2008

Los Tuzos a Japon

Pachuca is the best team in CONCACAF. Los Tuzos beat Saprissa at home 2-1 on Wednesday in the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup and won the series on a 3-2 aggregate. Let's see, Pachuca now has won Copa Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions Cup (twice), Mexico's Clausura 2006 and 2007 and SuperLiga all in the last two calendar years. And to think, this club was in the second division just a decade ago.

For those interested, Jose Francisco Torres did not play in the match.

If you want to watch an extended clip with match commentary, go here.

Game highlights


The Hammer said...


Sorry to break your heart but Mexican papers have already ran a story about Torres' choice. He's going to turn down the US Olympic Team -- he wants to play for Mexico.

L.B. said...

That won't change how I cover him. He's still an American.

Thanks for the heads up. Do you have a link or two? I'll scan around for them as well.

The Hammer said...

I'm trying to find you one, because of the coverage you've done, but a lot of it has run on print paper [El Sol de Hidalgo].

He's a hell of a player in the making though, I think it's a shame that he won't play for the U.S.

Luke said...

Pachuca doing so well makes me feel old. When I was in high school Pachuca had just been relegated and my math teacher liked to say, "...y en este caso, amigos, tienes Pachuca, que es decir q'no tienes nada."
And now look at them.

(The same teacher would call me a maricón for wearing my América jersey, so he was just all-around awesome.)

Anonymous said...

I hope the tuzos do better in Japan than last year.

And about Torres, awesome! I am glad you is going for Mexico!

CACuzcatlan said...

luke, was that teacher in the U.S. or another country? You could have had a lawsuit and been set for life.

Anonymous said...

It's games like these where you can clearly see the gap between FMF and the MLS. Pachuca is not having a good season in the Mexican league but still dominated the CCC.

John said...

Well deserve victory for the Tuzos. I'm happy man because Gimenez and Alvarez and Argentine. I'm an Argentina football fan.

Any Pachuca fans aroound here, would love to hear your thoughts about the game....

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Los Tuzos a Japon.

Los Putos se quedan en Carson.

Anonymous said...




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