Friday, May 2, 2008

Sangre americana J17

The final weekend of the Clausura 2008 is upon us and the players we've followed so far each have a shot of league glory.

Michael Orozco, San Luis at Santos, Sunday 2 p.m. PT: In what could be the most attractive matchup of the weekend, Orozco's San Luis squad visits Edgar Castillo's Santos. For Orozco, the match represents a shot of winning the group title or going into the wild card round, or repechaje. San Luis has at least that much secured. Santos features forward Matias Vuoso and midfielder Daniel Luduena, and Orozco should have his hands full with at least the former. TV: Azteca America.

Jose Francisco Torres, Pachuca at Pumas, Sunday 10 a.m. PT: After not playing against Deportivo Saprissa on Wednesday, Torres could see his return to the field on Sunday against Pumas. Pachuca needs a win to have any hopes of a league title. A win would secure a spot in the repechaje round. Torres' spark could come in handy on Sunday but the attack was fluid on Wednesday against Saprissa without Torres in there. TV: Univision.

Edgar Castillo, Santos vs. San Luis, Sunday 2 p.m. PT: For Castillo, the match is merely posturing. Santos has clinched the Group 3 title and can finish anywhere from 5th to 3rd in the overall league standings. Still, Santos should field its full lineup which includes Castillo. The New Mexico native has played 90 minutes in the last three games. TV: Azteca America.

Daniel Hernandez, Jaguares vs. Chivas, Saturday 3 p.m. PT: Hernandez will face a tough challenge in Chivas. Forwards Omar Bravo and Sergio Santana have combined for 17 goals this season. Hernandez should start in central defense for Jaguares. The result will only help Jaguares' position in the playoffs. At best, Jaguares is the fifth seed - at worst, it's the eighth. TV: Azteca America.


elrene said...

why does the name matias vuoso sound so familiar?

L.B. said...

Vuoso played like a half season with America a while back, about two years ago. He's been with Santos for quite a few years except for that little time. He was with I believe Man City before but didn't do much over there. He originally came from Independiente in Argentina.