Thursday, May 1, 2008

RB/TFC running blog

Traffic tied me up - but here we are, with TFC leading on a Marco Velez header.

34- It seems a slight shock every time I see Tyrone Marshall in a TFC uniform. I know FC Dallas fans despise him for breaking Kenny Cooper's leg, but he was a nice guy to the press, always a great interview and had the cutest Jamaican accent ever.
37 - Edu nearly latched on to a ball in the box, but NY is able to counter and they get a FK from a handball outside the box.
39 - GOAL! Van den Burgh takes the FK. I'm somewhat surprised it got through. It wasn't that stunning of a strike. Harkes agrees with me, so I suddenly think he's a better commentator than before. 1-1
41 - TFC with a FK of their own, but it's far out and NY clears.
43 - Well, NY certainly killed TFC's momentum, getting that goal and evening the game before the half.
44 - TFC fans look cold and the weather seems gray on TV. Wynne with a good catch-up play to take away a ball in the box. He's great at those.
45 - Reyna nice move in midfield. Gets the foul.
45 + Altidore give/go with Magee. Magee's go didn't go very well, though, and Jozy can't catch up to it.
Halftime. TFC fans are making me feel a bit guilty for sitting around in bare feet, shorts and a tank top. Pretty even game from what I've seen.
The Dick's Sporting Goods commercial makes me wonder - who in that spot is having a good year? davino, kinda, Christian, sure. Poor Ching and worst off is the commercial's star, Ben Olsen. Who knows if he'll be back.
46 - Reyna's out. Sinisa Ubiparapovic is in. Another FK for TFC. This one is closer, Dichio almost gets to it.
48 - TFC has come out with energy, pressing NY back - until NY counters. Reyna has a lower leg injury. Oooh, fighting. . . well, not really. Jozy is up in all of it.
49 - Replay shows Jozy shoving Robert, then Robert shoving Freeman, but the order is unclear. Abbe sets up a compromise, gives Robert a card, and TFC the ball.
52 - Jozy from outside. Over the bar.
55 - Rohan Rickets is looking pretty good. Nearly got an assist in there. Dane Richards comes in for NY.
61 - TFC has improved so much from last year. Magee cracks a shot on a counter, just wide. good to see him back, even though it's a bit startling to see how his baby face has aged in all the time he's been not playing.
65 - Edu nearly climbs the back of VandenBurgh when VDB cuts in to try to take the ball. FK, but robert hits it too low.
67 - It's raining now. conditions are ripe for a flukey goal.
69 - Jon Conway, the NY goalkeeper, is the grandson of actor Tim Conway, whose movies I watched as a kid. I can see the resemblance, though Jon is a hugely tall, athletic guy. TFC FK cleared out.
73 - Scrappy play, JPD is doing well to keep up with the call. Kevin Goldthwaite is down.
76 - Conway off his line to catch up to a ball slotted into the box.
78 - The emotional pitch of this game is climbing. Both sides have hard game long, if a gamewinner comes, this will especially sap the morale of the loser.
79 - jozy feeds Dane with a little shovel pass, but the connection misses - just barely. NY seems inspired, attacks with numbers, Angel gets a head on the ball, but can't quite flick it and the ball is cleared.
85 - Jeff Cunningham is finally in the game. Very little time for late heroics.
86 - Reyna on the bench. Both of NY's DP's are struggling with injuries. That really handicaps the club.
90 - Late attack by TFC, but the Robert to Robinson connection misses.
90 + Jon Wolyneic into the game for Altidore. TFC pushing hard. Guevara shoots, deflection, Conway catches. CK for NY. Short corner by Magee, doesn't quite get his cross off.
Final whistle. Pretty fair result.


Anonymous said...

You guys HAVE TO watch the new Nike commercial. It's awesome!

or search nike laser 2 and choose the full directors version (2 mins)


Diane said...

I've been going to RB's home games and noticed that Jozy gets into more scraps than can be seen in the TV coverage. He doesn't seem as unflappable as he did last season. We've wondered if he's getting a bit more pressure because of all the talk about him as the U.S.'s new wonderboy, and also whether some of the older players have discovered how to wind him up. Any thoughts?

Diane said...

Thanks for the ad, great fun!

Anonymous said...

I saw the same video at A run football site run by the fans... atleast thats what they say.
My opionon about the game, boring. Joezy did more bickering than player. Reyna of course was injuried.