Monday, May 12, 2008

Loose Barnacles Rankings (May 12)

1. Columbus (6-1-0). Finding new and exciting ways to win matches.
2. Chicago (5-1-1). If defense wins championships, give Chicago the title now.
3. New England (4-3-1). That Twellman guy, he's pretty good.
4. Toronto (3-2-1). Week off gave locals chance to check out Blue Jays, Blue Jays gave no reason to tune back in.
5. FC Dallas (2-2-3). Dario Sala reminds us what's not to like about FC Dallas.
6. New York (3-1-2). Workmanlike effort may be this team's calling card.
7. Kansas City (3-3-1). Week off to sort out offensive issues.
8. Colorado (3-4-0). Ugo Ihemelu handed the Dynamo their first win.
9. Houston (1-2-4). One win and all seems right with two-time champs.
10. Los Angeles (2-3-2). No goals, no assist from Donovan, Becks translates into Galaxy loss.
11. Real Salt Lake (2-3-2). Jason Kreis should talk mess about officials more often.
12. Chivas USA (1-4-2). Will DC United provide Chivas a much-needed walkover win? Or...
13. DC United (2-5-0). ...will Chivas USA provide DC a much-needed walkover win?
14. San Jose (1-4-1). Growing pains in full effect.

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