Sunday, May 11, 2008

Liguilla finally set

Necaxa and Atlas tied 0-0 on Sunday and by virtue of a better regular-season record Necaxa advanced to Mexico's Clausura 2008 Liguilla.

Thus, the matchups are...

(1) Chivas vs (8) Monterrey
(2) Santos vs (7) Necaxa
(3) Cruz Azul vs (6) Jaguares
(4) San Luis vs (5) Toluca

As far as which lower seeds have the best shot of pulling off an upset, Chivas needs to be very careful about Monterrey. Los Rayados are potentially a sleeping giant and have an array of offensive firepower at their disposal. Jaguares has a strong offense too and Cruz Azul has a tendency of choking.

Another outcome from Sunday's match: Atlas need only worry about Copa Libertadores now. The club faced another two matches in the middle of the upcoming week as Atlas will play Boca Juniors in the Copa quarterfinals, but now the club need only focus on the Argentines. In some ways, Necaxa did Atlas a favor because there is no way the club would have been able to adequately compete in both tournaments.

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