Monday, May 5, 2008

Kicking the Law

Chivas USA's Lawson Vaughn had to leave Saturday's game in the 12th minute. He'd recently battled a hamstring injury but the reason for his departure was not related to that.

Early in Saturday's match, Houston's Dwayne De Rosario attempted a bicycle kick some 15 yards from goal. Instead of hitting the ball, De Rosario's boot slammed into Vaughn's face. Vaughn immediately went down as blood poured from his face.

It was difficult to see on television where it was coming from, and I just assumed it was from his nose. But Vaughn had a deep gash on his nose and cheek and had his nose broken as well on the play. Chivas USA's blog has a pair of great pictures of Vaughn's cut and subsequent bandages.

This is the second time a Chivas USA player has had his nose broken. Claudio Suarez had the same fate a few weeks back, but Suarez suffered his injury during a training session.

My guess is Vaughn will be fit enough to play in Sunday's game against New England and that he will carry that scar for quite long time.


Cobifan said...

Have him talk to Scarface Valetin..I am sure he can sympathize and give him some valuable tips. ;-)

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LePeseAKienLePese-America said...

what's one less goat...