Monday, May 5, 2008

Punching over my weight

Audio of my question to De La Hoya and subsequent reactions.


artnsue said...

Hi Andrea,
It was nice to meet you that night. I was the not so official, but according to you "official looking" guy (I got a couple press passes from my Club Seat rep.) I really liked your question, although as you said Oscar's "people" may not like the idea of him being distracted with ownership of the Dynamo, it is this kind of exposure that is making MLS grow and be recognized around the world. I know Drew Carey's ownership of Seattle has already done wonders for exposure.

A.C. said...

Hi Art!
It was nice to meet you too, especially since right then I was feeling a little ostracized from the press corps because of the question. I do think that the new owners are going to change MLS drastically, and for the better.

Edward said...

I've gotta admit, hearing it for myself, the end with "anything besides wear their colors" did kinda sound smart ass-ey, though I know what you meant.

Adam said...

I just read your article on soccernet. That coupled with the audio clip on the blog were insightful. Perhaps smart ass-ish, but effective and to the point. More to the point, you hit the head on the nail, he is just going to wear Dynamo colors and support them from afar for the time being. He has deligated the Dynamo work load to some one so he can keep his training regiment. Not that I blame him, I just found it funny.

To your soccernet column, I cant see Don Garber relocating Houston after all the fan support they get and the team appears to have good relations with the current stadium owners. San Jose was relocated because they were essentialy going ot be homeless the following season. Houston will benefit from Golden Boy Promotions business savey, Im sure. Plus possible boxing matches at their (evnetual) new stadium. It will be good for the team and good for the league.

It should be noted, however, that as a full fledged Galaxy supporter and a fan of Oscar, I will not be supporting the Golden Boy any longer. He is now a Dynamo supporter and a rival as far as Im concerned. Angelino nothing!! Go Galaxy or Go home!! (um, to Houston that is)