Sunday, May 18, 2008

Karateka Kljestan

Sacha Kljestan scored a game-winning goal on Saturday and celebrated by punching and kicking his way toward a group of DC supporters.

I asked Sacha after the match about the goal celebration.

Same old thing. You guys have seen the karate. The other fans like to talk and they don't appreciate me going up to them but I like to celebrate with my team and celebrate how I feel after I score a goal. Obviously I'm very pumped up so it's exciting.

I then asked him about the inspiration behind the karate-style celebration. I had pondered everything from Spongebob and Sandy to Bruce Lee. Turns out it was Daniel-san and Miyagi-do Karate all along, albeit indirectly.

The Karate Kid was always something that my dad did when he was playing in men's leagues. I always kind of did it as a tribute to him early on and now it's kind of stuck. Everyone says it's my trademark so I guess I've got to keep doing it.

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