Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jab, jab,

I sincerely meant no disrespect to Oscar De La Hoya at the postfight press conference. I wanted to get a question in about why he took on partial ownership of the Houston Dynamo, and though I was willing to acknowledge the publicity he garnered for the team by fighting in their colors, I also wanted to ask about his level of involvement this year, since he has two other big farewell fights coming up. It was intimidating, though, to be surrounded by so many boxing reporters, because I was pretty sure they didn't care much about soccer. I raised my hand anyway, trying to claim the traveling microphone being used for questioning. "One more," said the moderator.
I was relieved to be handed the microphone and blurted out my questions.

"Oscar, you're so respected in the boxing world - why take on owning a soccer team? And are you going to have time, with all your fights, to do anything with the Dynamo besides wear their colors?"

I didn't expect the reaction that followed. Heads swiveled, and murmurs of surprise/disapproval/confusion broke out. Oscar seemed a bit stunned. Bernard Hopkins, hovering over his shoulder, looked like he was ready to walk off the dais to confront me. The moderator glared at me, asked who I was writing for, and informed me my question was "smart-ass". I guess I have to work on my polite phrasing, but I thought the questions were legitimate.


Anonymous said...

Boxing and soccer are two different worlds, regardless, thanks for representing us, so did Oscar answer the question?

FC Uptown said...

Very legitimate question - especially as the fight was in a soccer stadium and ODLH not only brought up the Dynamo in his pre-match statements, but like you say he was wearing their colors. If the Dynamo had won last night, surely he would have mentioned that "all of our Goldenboy teams had a great night".

Any word on Pescadito progress btw? Beck's foot after last night?

Thank you!

Sancho said...

Good question. Bad timing.

Boxing is a dying cocaroach of a sport. Soccer is not.

Face it, frijoles de la hoya is not the sharpest tool in the shed, I think he was stunned because he had no advisor to whisper the appropiate, intelligent answer.

A smart ass question would have been if he knew the Chivas USA/Dynamo score.

Anonymous said...

definitely not a smart ass question, but not one of the same dozen questions boxers get asked all the time. oscar had no internal script to pull from and he's not as smart or affable as say beckham to deal with "off the script" questions.

Angel said...

Even though it was a legitimate question, I personally think it should have been reworded. It does come off as smart-assish. Oh well, maybe with can still get your De La Hoya exclusive down the road. Keep up the good work.

Matt L said...

legit question, however boxing is complete trash, a sport what contains the worst of the worst in terms of those involved in the administration. they don't have a clue.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, it was a hard question, but not smart ass. When people ask you, "who does she work for?" Just reply. The public. Anyway, maybe it could have been worded better, but it sure could have been answered better too.

laurie said...

I don't know what they're complaining about. I would have asked him about the women's lingerie.

Matthew Zimmerman said...

Nothing wrong with the inquiry, or wanting to know the answers.

But yeah, it sounds like you kind of blurted it out, which makes sense considering the nervous, charged nature of these press conferences. Esoecially since you had the last question. That situation is a breeding ground for "weird questions."


Happens all the time at these things.