Saturday, May 3, 2008

De La Hoya/Forbes fight

Oscar's mariachi band plays the Mexican national anthem as he gets laced up. He's in Dynamo colors, though it's really an orange stripe on his black shorts. His cornermen are wearing orange jackets, though, and his gloves are orange.
Sylvester Stallone is here, Tobey Maguire is here, Kevin Connelley is here, Mike Tyson, and a bunch of other famous folk.
The U.S. anthem is sung by Nicole Schrezinger of the P-cat Dolls. A montage of Forbes' fights are shown. He marches in to "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)".
Meanwhile, the Dynamo/Chivas USA match ends in a scoreless tie, which I suppose doesn't bode well for Oscar tonight. His team still can't get a win, though they manage not to lose on the night they received their championship rings.
A special flag waves in front of Oscar's entrance. It's the Mexican flag on one side, the U.S. on the other.
Oscar looks vaguely Halloweeny with the orange and black. I don't recognize the mariachi song heralding his entrance, but it's loud.
Forbes is introduced to a chorus of boos. Oscar gets thunderous cheers.
Round 1 - The upperdeck starts to stomp in anticipation. Forbes comes out swinging. Oscar hits back. Forbes is getting in some good shots to the face, while Oscar seems to concentrate on body shots. A few whistles break out from the crowd. Oscar doesn't look as dominant as predicted. The Dynamo might have jinxed him. Forbes gets in the last punch before the bell.
The crowd here is totally different from the soccer bunch. Almost no kids at all tonight. Women with much bigger - ahem - pectoral enhancement, higher heels and less clothing. The guys are bigger too, but in a more general larger body type. Everyone wears a lot more black.
Round 2 - Mayweather Sr. must have said the right stuff to Oscar - he had a much better 2nd round - got to Forbes several times.
Round 3 - Oscar nearly gets Forbes up against the ropes, but Forbes wriggles free. He's got a speed punch on him, Forbes. He lets loose as he steps forward quickly with it so he gets better range and he's hit Oscar with that jab a few times now.
Round 4 - Now it's Forbes' turn to put Oscar against the ropes. He gets in a few hits there, though Oscar recovers to return the favor.
Round 5 - What do you guys think of Ruud not using his subs? Well, besides Gordon. The crowd here at the HDC is chanting Oscar's name, urging him on. He's punching a bit tired right now. Still more accurate than Forbes, but Forbes looks faster. Oscar gets to Forbes' nose, though. It's bleeding, while Oscar still looks relatively pretty. Sweaty, though.
Round 6 - Pace of fight picking up. Oscar gets the better of it, especially in one flurry where he pounds Forbes. The HDC has filled in nicely. It looks good under the orangey (Dynamo) glow of the ring lights.
Round 7 - the upperdeck is stomping again, urging Oscar on. Oscar isn't punching combos much now. He's winding up hard one-shot punches when he sees an opening. Right when I type that, Oscar lands a flurry on Forbes.
Round 8 - Forbes is fighting this round smart - moving lively, making Oscar spend energy going after him. He's jabbing Oscar a few times, and ducking Oscar's hard hits.
It seems to be a contest with the people around me - who has the smallest cellphone. One looks like a stick of gum.
Round 9 - Oscar sharper now. had Forbes on the ropes briefly. Forbes won't be caught, though, ducks away at first chance.
Round 10 - Another tough flurry from Oscar, but Forbes staggers forward to land a few of his own. Oscar looked much better, though.
Round 11 - random women are screaming. I think they're just taping the telecast at home so they can rewind to that sound and say, "that was me!" Chants of "Oscar" drown them out. Oscar working his jab well, snaps back Forbes' head.
Round 12 - Forbes comes out looking determined. He dives into Oscar with punches. Oscar plods along, fighting smart and keeping his guard up. it's not glamorous, but it works. He lands more solidly than Forbes. Forbes punches back, but Oscar is in the center position of the ring and generally always in control. Fight is over.
Oscar is declared the winner. It wasn't a decisive victory, but pretty solid.


FC Uptown said...

Stadium looks spectacular from the air. Oscar looks like he is closing this guy out.

A.C. said...

yeah, the blue roof lights are pretty. this is a good ad for the venue - a lot of these fight fans might never have come out otherwise, and now maybe a few will return. they ran a bunch of Galaxy ads between bouts. I didn't hear a Chivas USA one, but perhaps I missed it.