Saturday, May 17, 2008

Done deal

Mediotiempo is reporting Sven to Mexico is happening. Today at the DC/Chivas USA presser, I was discussing this possibility with a few other reporters and our general take was that Sven doesn't seem to fit Mexico's technical style.
Oh, well, he may prove us wrong.


Anonymous said...

Fox Sports reported last night that it is NOT a done deal, that in fact it was NOT HAPPENING. Jorge Ramos said the deal had fallen through as well. Everyone seems to be speculating on this, including Medio Tiempo. Hard to say. I can't see him doing well in Mexico... the Mexican context is, well, another enchilada, sort to speak.

The tension mounts, no doubt.

saludos, d

Anonymous said...

As shockingly surprising as this combination of Sven and Mexico is, the more I think about might actually work well.

Sven managed England! You can't get a bigger collection of overpaid egos than that. For the most part they played well. When he left they self destructed and that alone to me would help Mexico..that steadiness to a hostile critical environment (press, players, fans). Quite the contrast to Lavolpe and Hugo who were hostile with the fed and press.

Should Sven turn down Mexico it wouldn't be the end of of the world. I'd prefer Frank Rijkjaard, because of his attacking stye, but that is a longshot because he'll end up at Chelsea or Milan.

Raul Arias anyone???

Anonymous said...

sven won't last in mexico, if he goes. as soon as the federation starts telling him who to call up, who to play, and he realizes that he will have to play x number of games against useless teams (mostly to fatten wallets), he'll realize the big te-te that he is in. mexico has gone down this road before -- menotti (who was doing an amazing job with the national team) quit, and the great beenhakker (who was brought in to coach the other federation team, america, and was doing quite well) quit twice over the same issues. mexico's a tough nut to crack. it may very well need to be a company man, raul arias would fit the role.

Gabriel in Argentina said... a third world country?..don't see it happening..although.I would pay to see Sven guide his team down in a game against El Salvador or you think he have ever seen anything like that before?..that would be golden

Nate said...

The best thing the Mexican Federation can do is hire a coach that doesn't speak spanish.

I love this hire if it happens. I see Gio, Vela & Guardado doing really well under Sven - good move Mexico.

starinyourfire said...

it should be interesting with what a european coach could do with the talent that Mexico has to offer, the world cup is two years away and Mexico could pretty much be with an intriem coach and still qualify for the world cup.

Anonymous said...

faithful to his style, gabriel continues his envious ways by once again commenting on anything mexico-related with a huge chip on his shoulders.

I don't see what Mexico's third world country perception has to do with Sven coming to coach the MNT. The FMF is a bunch of fatcats and could easily afford to pay Sven a good salary, I mean, it's not like he's going to be the country's president.

Gabriel in Argentina said...

I am sure that they will pay him the money, the question is whether he would want to come to run the program and live in Mexico and deal with how a football association is run in a third world country. Plus, I hope he takes the job..I want to see Sven walk out on to the field against Panama or El Salvador in an away game. That would just be classic.. I would pay for that..the look in his eyes when he would experience that would be great..

Believe it or not, I do not have a chip on my shoulder..I am just honest..Mexico is a third world country..for various reasons..mostly through no fault of its own..but it is still a third world am full blooded Mexican!

Mexico is better off with a local coach..there has to be a local coach that can do the job. Mexico has had a professional league for ever..someone must know something!

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