Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back on track

Brad Guzan was close to the English Premiership but his move to Aston Villa was squashed in the 11th hour.

After five games this season, Guzan had been hardly as effective as he had a year ago when he won MLS Goalkeeper of the Year. The Aston Villa move got to his head, critics said, and some even questioned whether Guzan should get called up to the US national team anytime soon.

Now, he's got his first shutout and seemingly has his confidence back.

I asked Brad if he could point the finger at anything as to his poor early-season form - the move to the EPL, a change in goalkeeper coach, etc. - but he didn't really answer it directly, just said he didn't want to get too low or too high.

Then I asked him about overcoming adversity, because he had nothing but adverse conditions in 2005.

"That was one of the positives to definitely take away from that first year. That was a tough year physically, mentally and the whole thing was a tough season to swallow. Looking back on that and with everyone saying 'Oh, the last two weeks have been tough for him.' That was nothing compared to Year One."

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