Monday, March 10, 2008

What's in a name?

Congratulations, Philly. You've got a team. Now tell us, what will you call it?

Although the new Philadelphia MLS franchise won't take the field until 2010, the first hurdle to be cleared will be selecting a name. And that is no small task.

Jeff Gammage of the Philadelphia Inquirer takes a look at the process of naming the league's 16th franchise. He doesn't make any suggestions but gives some pointers on some of the things they may want to avoid.

As far as MLS is concerned, gone are the days of the Burn and the Wiz, so we probably won't be subjected to a similar name.

Whatever the new club is named, officials will have plenty of time to make that decision.


The Hammer said...

Well, the recommendations I've made for the goats hold true today.

Why not name it: City of Philadelphia SC (Soccer Club) and use a derivative of their city seal:

Let the fans sort out the nickname... me? I'm calling them the hoagies on this blog until it sticks.

CACuzcatlan said...

I like Ben Franklin F.C.

Its rare, but not unheard of, to name a team after a person. It would fit perfectly with the city and the Sons of Ben supporters group that did so much to bring them. Besides, who could hate on that name?

ELAC said...

Italian Stallions sounds good. Ok maybe not.
A Ben Franklin image would be cool on the badge. A kite would not.

PocketKings said...

Philadelphia 1682

Dan Higgins said...

Philadelphia Athletic. It goes back to the old sports teams of Philly and also sounds "authentic." The last thing I want to see is "Liberty" or "Freedom" in the name. It sounds too similar to the WNBA or the old Women's soccer league.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

How about Tecos USA? ;)