Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Running blog, Guatemala/Haiti

Actually, I don't really have time to blog this game much, but feel free to comment here on the proceedings. I'll post what I can.

27 - GOAL! Marvin Avila on a quick counter goes one-v-one versus the goalkeeper. It looked offside, honestly, but hey, it's contingent upon the linesperson to call it.

38- Since the goal, it's honestly been Haiti with the better of the play. Bidrece Azor cracked a shot that was just over the bar.

45- Jean Paulin just got a yellow. The foul didn't look that bad, but the match was getting chippy just before the half and the ref was looking to gain control.

Halftime - Guatemala is taking care of business, despite a more credible attack by Haiti in the past twenty minutes.

Haiti is a country that is big fans of another - specifically Brazil. They love Brazilian soccer there. In fact, it looks like they're trying to imitate Brazil in everything they can. All the players have their first names on their jerseys, for example, including one Fabrice that MLS fans should recognize.

The stands are starting to fill in with fans, but despite the fact that Mexico is playing, the stadium will not be full. It's midweek, and the really big young Mexican stars aren't with the Olympic team.

82 - The pressbox is filling in, too, as reporters here for the Mexico/Canada game arrive. I think there are two Canadian reporters here, max.

83- Bidrece cracks a header that goes wide of the post - not a bad half-chance for Haiti there.

87 - Guatemala has controlled the game pretty well, but considering their one goal was somewhat lucky, they won't intimidate anyone with this result.

88- Late flurry by Haiti, Bidrice crosses to Lescinel Jean-Francois, who gets a shot on goal that Ricardo Jerez blocks. That was a better than half-chance, but Guatemala escapes.


CACuzcatlan said...

I have very limited experience watching him play - basically only a few games at last year's Gold Cup - but I get the impression that Marvin Avila is too good to stay in the Guatemalan league. He always seems to score for Guatemala in international games. Have you seen enough of his play to say whether you think he could be good enough for MLS?

A.C. said...

He's looked fine so far, but it's hard to judge quality when he looked offside. That said, a lot of players both a one-on-one with a keeper, and he didn't. I think he could play for MLS, yes.