Monday, March 3, 2008

Ridge checks out the Galaxy

One point Ridge Mahoney makes in his article is that MLS teams don't normally televise their preseason games. That's true, except for the teams playing CONCACAF Championship matches, as DC United and the Houston Dynamo did last season.

The Galaxy are now moving on to their Hong Kong match. They still have a chance to finish this tour on a winning note. Any predictions for the score? What might be more telling than how the team has played is another statistic - not a single one of Beckham's games has sold out yet.

Not many predicted that.


The Hammer said...

Don't they play Shanghai first then Hong Kong?

It's hard to predict a score/outcome knowing absolutely nothing of the opposition but I think we'll see the improvement on this team continue.

It was interesting to see Gavin and Allen outperform the "starters" Randolph and Babayaro on the left. I think the more playing team players get, especially in terms of defending, the more familiar they'll become with Gullit's system.

I'm liking that Galaxy is showing improvement with each game. It definitely feels like you're watching something progress and develop.

Anonymous said...

any chance for some roster cuts/trade news ?

the rookies (Allen, Jordan, Valentin, Franklin and Wicks) all seems quite usefull, babayaro on the other hand...


Anonymous said...

Regarding Beckham not selling out any stadiums. I think MLS, LAG, and AEG all failed to understand that Beckham's star power was always depending on him being on high power teams. The Galaxy simply lack any wow factor to them and everyone loves a winner.

A.C. said...

I'm not sure anon - the impressive sell-out crowds only months ago in Australia and New Zealand came when Beckham arrived there with the Galaxy, so it's not entirely true that he has to be with a top team to draw fans.

L.B. said...

Beckham clearly has starpower but there is truth to the club's status. We'll see what the crowds are like in China and Hong Kong but Hawaii and Korea have left plenty to be desired. People overseas care about Beckham but I don't think they care about the Galaxy at all.