Friday, March 14, 2008

Point of clarification

The United States hasn't yet clinched a spot in the semifinals. After the win on Thursday, I was talking to a colleague about how the U.S. has moved on and that the game against Honduras was for positioning. The colleague pointed out that Cuba could still advance at the United States' expense with a win over Panama and a Honduras win over the U.S.

Likely scenario? Of course not. Technically possible? Barring another mass defection, yes.


Phillip said...

That's not entirely true...

We have a +1 goal differential at the moment.

Cuba has a -2 goal differential at the moment.

L.B. said...

True, which is why I said they could still advance.

If Cuba wins 1-0 and the US loses 1-0, the US would go through because of the goal differential you point out.

So that would make it even more unlikely a scenario, to see Cuba win by more than one goal and have the U.S. lose by more than one goal.

Chiquitibum said...

Panama should let Cuba pwn them 5-0, then hope Honduras does their part.

but hey, Panama already punched Adu in the gut, why would they not contribute punching the whole US team in the gut.