Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Many points of view

Here's what one guy thinks of Beckham.

Here's another view - with a bonus quick commentary on the growing soccer savvy of American fans.

This guy makes a literary comparison - to F. Scott Fitzgerald, of all people.

This one gives MLS a couple of props.

This guy has obviously never heard of the SuperLiga games that sold out at PHP, or the MLS Cup finals that did the same.

This writer cracks on Babayaro - and the Galaxy.

Ok, now I'm tired. You get the idea. Many viewpoints.


Anonymous said...

never mind the british journos... all hype and pedestal, scandal and rubbish the next minute...

Becks is fit, has matches under his belt - so no excuse anymore for not picking him except he doesn't think he can contribute anymore to the team at all.

Personally I hope he gets the 100th at the next home game @ Wembley (which could be quite fittingly USA in Summer 2008)


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Los Angeles Galaxy are no longer a club that hand out easy money.

That's because Los Angeles Galaxy are no longer a club that has any money -- easy or otherwise -- to hand out!

The Boobsey Twins, Timmy and Lexi, strike again....