Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Joe was kidding

But was Bob joking as well?

Joe D'hippolito was being funny when he suggested in the comment of a recent post that Steve Sampson should take over as coach of Mexico. The U.S. and Mexico have successfully taken turns with coaches before, as was the case with Bora Milutinovic (who is probably available, I haven't checked), but I know Joe isn't a Sampson fan.

However, I just got this email in my inbox and I don't know Bob as well, so he might be serious.

Although it would always be a better situation for the US teams to
improve. Having Sanchez as the top guy in Mexico will give the US a
much better chance. I recommend the FMF should look long and hard at
Steve Sampson.


just another one of you said...

Bob who?

el chueco said...

FMF would never go for this option, unfortunately. I think they are leaning towards their favorite options: Jose Pekerman and Carlos Bianchi.

A.C. said...

Bob Somebody - I generally don't reveal people's last names.

L.B. said...

Bob Abooey

The Hammer said...

It was Bob Bradley who got a little nervous when he realized that he's the first American coach to concede a goal to Mexico on US soil in almost a decade yet still won. Then he went on to concede 2 and came out with a draw.

If you do the math, that means if Hugo stays on board, WC Qualifier = US 2-3 Mexico.