Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In trouble already

Chivas' efforts in Copa Libertadores took a big blow last night as Chivas fell to Colombian side Deportivo Cucuta 1-0.

A week ago, Chivas fell by the same score to Santos in Brazil. While that loss was troubling, at least Chivas had the advantage of going home and knowing that another two home wins might be enough to get them through to the knockout stage.

Now after three games, Chivas is 1-2-0 with three points, not a good position to be in especially considering that two of the remaining three games are in South America.

But not all hope is lost, of course. Chivas has pulled out tough away matches in Copa Libertadores before and the club is currently has the best record in the Mexican league, so clearly the club has the ability but just isn't executing.


The Hammer said...

Actually, I think the problem is that this has been a terribly inconsistent season in Mexican football. Chivas just happen to be the only team that's consistent.

There have easily been a handful of games where Chivas SHOULD have lost, but the competition just couldn't finish the job. If you look at how they play, you know they're not as good as their league position suggests. I think these negative results against tougher competition suggest that.

L.B. said...

I think San Luis really gave them a run for their money. San Luis, as evidenced by their come-from-behind win in America, is tough on the road and just tough in general but Chivas somehow pulled that one out.

The Hammer said...

Yeah, that's one of the games I was thinking about. And that's a perfect example. Do you remember the number of opportunities San Luis blew in that game? Inconsistency is a huge problem in the Mexi league.

ps. beating America right now should not be a measure of a team's strength. I think even that Roma FC side that played the Open Cup a couple of years back could beat Club America right now.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Viva Cucuta! Mas de lo mismo, por favor!!