Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Argentina mulls US swing

Looks like it's up to Argentine manager Alfio Basile if we get a rare treat here in the United States.

Argentina, who thrashed Guatemala 5-0 in Los Angeles in February, is considering a two-game swing in June that would see the two-time World Cup champions play Mexico and the United States.

The proposed Mexico game would be in San Diego on Wednesday, June 4 while Argentina-U.S. would be on the East Coast some four days later, according to reports. Brazil had a similar two-day swing a year ago as they played the US in Chicago on Sept. 9 and Mexico in Foxboro, Mass., a few days later.

Let's pray this happens.


Josh said...

Man, I would love for Dallas to get a friendly like this. Instead we get the awesomeness of USA-Guatemala two years in a row. HURRAY!

L.B. said...

You know, I'm all for US Soccer paying back some of the fan support in MLS towns. I'd like to see the US play more games in Pizza Hut Park and DSG Park and Toyota Park. Those are towns committed to soccer (as their newer stadiums attest to) and have loyal and growing fan bases.

So yeah, it'd be great if US Soccer went down to PHP for something other than US-Guatemala. How about a WC qualifier in PHP? That'd be good for you guys.

papa bear said...

I totally agree with you, Luis. Though even the homer Chicagoan in me has to admit that we did get the Gold Cup final and the Brazil friendly. Though I would like to see Toyata Park being used since it's actually made for, ya know, soccer. :)
Perhaps a qualifier against a small carribean side would be good for that.

Josh said...

I am lil late in responding..but this one of the things that frustrates me as a)a taxpayer who helped pay for the stadium in Frisco b) a soccer fan.

It seems the US in the past focuses on the bigger stadiums, or markets they are trying to tap into, instead of focusing on growing the game in places that have shown the interest. Look Dallas has a stadium, but their attendance numbers are still low. Games like this help generate an interest in the game as a whole, and can introduce the casual fan to the stadium and FCD. I hear the USSF is aiming to hold qualifiers in SSS which is a nice start, but let's be honest, games at that stage are still not draws. Come watch USA battle a tiny island nation! wow. I know its not USSF's job to really do anything but make cash, but growing the game in MLS markets can't hurt.