Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wanted: fresh bodies

Injuries have taken their toll on the Galaxy but throw in suspensions and international duty and the cupboard grows more barren by the minute.

Already without David Beckham, Chris Albright, Ante Jazic, Kelly Gray, Quavas Kirk, Ty Harden and Joe Cannon, the Galaxy will be forced to make do without Carlos Pavon (Honduras), Landon Donovan (USMNT) and Troy Roberts (suspension).

Let me see who might be available for selection...

Steve Cronin; Mike Randolph, Abel Xavier, Kyle Veris, Chris Klein; Kyle Martino, Kevin Harmse, Peter Vagenas, Cobi Jones; Alan Gordon, Edson Buddle.

That leaves Gavin Glinton, Mike Caso, Josh Tudela and Lance Friesz on the bench. Maybe Frank will be forced to throw Israel Sesay out there, or maybe things haven't gotten quite that bad.

Now, perhaps some of the walking wounded might heal in enough time to play. I think Kirk falls int that category. But this has just gone from absurd to ridiculous.

They'll get Donovan and Roberts back for Chivas, though Roberts wasn't quite 100 percent to begin with. Perhaps Cannon will be well enough to play by then as well. But the Galaxy just has to hope that nobody else goes down because they've got games on Saturday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday to close out September.


Anonymous said...

what ever happened to Memo Gonzalez?

artnsue said...

Time for Lalas to come out and blame the league for the schedule again.