Sunday, September 9, 2007

Turning point

I asked Joe Cannon about facing down Mehdi Ballouchy on a breakaway in the first half of the match.

"He missed. He had all the time in the world there. When he first got it, I thought he was going to pass it to Herc, because Herc kind of split off and I think that would have been the smarter play, because then Herc’s got a shot from the center, because I don’t think there was a defender there. I guess he just got under it. My whole thing was, 'It’s an angle. Just stay big and force him to hit the corner.' I think that’s what he tried to do and he got over it too much. It would have been like last week’s game in the sense that we were pounding on them, but we’d come away with nothing. That would have been a huge blow to our team."

"That was really their best and only chance of the half. It wasn’t much of a lift, it was just a huge relief for us, rather than a lift. We came in here 0-0 and we knew we could take it to them and win this game. That was a huge miss. Mehdi is a good player, obviously he got one back for them, but I’ll take him scoring to make it 3-1 over going ahead 1-0 any day."

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