Saturday, September 1, 2007

Riot Squad, they are pissed

The members of the Riot Squad had a message for Frank Yallop after the loss versus Real Salt Lake.

"We're effing knackered too, Frank!!"


Anonymous said...

We bleed for this team, thanks for givign two shits about the guys that are there for you no matter what....are we pissed?, I'd say that's quite the understatement.

Thank you TIm Lieweke for trying to recover all Beckham's salary in the first season of his 5 year contract..same thing that happened with the Kings is now happening to the crown jewel fo MLS.

Craig said...

It seems as though the RS are the only ones with a sense of reality.

And if that's not enough, the Galaxy FO are asking for deposits for season ticket renewalls for next year. AND they are raising their prices. AND they will be issuing new jerseys for the 2008 season.

I haven't seen anything this obnoxious since the Lakers dedicated the 2004-05 season as "the year of the fan." FYI - They traded Shaq, fired Phil Jackson and missed the playoffs for the first time since 1994 that season.

Anonymous said...

Tim Lieweke and Alexi Lalas have driven this team into the laughing stock of the league. Those two clowns need to resign.

Kudos to the Riot Squad for letting the FO know that this has become ridiculous. I am not blaming Frank, but the FO is terrible. They have driven the Kings into last in the NHL, now the Galaxy. I hope they dont go anywhere near my beloved Lakers when Jerry Buss ever sells the team

Craig said...

AEG is the second largest owner of the Lakers, so when Jerry Buss dies, expect them to buy enough to gain a majority share.

And they'll screw them over too.

jamesey said...

I don't think the FO gives a shit about what LARS thinks. Expect more banners at the rest of our meaningless games this year.