Saturday, September 1, 2007

No hangover

Letdown is apparently not in Pachuca's vocabulary.

Three days after beating the L.A. Galaxy in a thrilling and exhausting SuperLiga final, Pachuca returned home and whipped San Luis 4-1.

Thus far, San Luis has been pretty solid in the Mexican league, having gone 3-1-1 before losing to los Tuzos.

Pachuca was actually down 1-0 at halftime but the champs came out and dropped four goals in the second half. Juan Carlos Cacho and Christain "Chaco" Gimenez each scored a goal while defender Paul Nicolas Aguilar - who didn't play against the Galaxy - had the club's third and fourth goal of the game.


Matt said...

I admit to not being a huge Mexican soccer fan, but Pachuca is just unreal. Their passing, their movement, and the tempo they do it at just seems to be a few notches higher than anybody they play against.

I really hope they take the World Club Cup seriously because I think they could open some eyes in other parts of the world.

scott said...

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