Thursday, September 13, 2007

Galaxy guesses

Any Galaxy fans want to guess which players on the team are responsible for these recent quotes? There are hints in the quotes themselves.

"My gut feeling says I’ll play on Wednesday."

"You don’t have a game Wednesday."

"Oh, Thursday. Sorry about that."

"We did well in a lot of departments. Getting the three points was absolutely crucial for us. Ty Harden did a great job of coming back into the team. He hasn’t trained at all for two weeks."

"I don’t know what happened. I think Bouna just misplayed it. We were able to capitalize on it. It was a double-whammy, because he hurt himself on that play. The whole complexion of the game changes."

"I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do this season, because injuries are definitely killing us right now. I just try to keep them in front of me and try to push them offsides as much as possible, and try not to jump in. Sometimes you have to. I try to take it day by day."

"It’s so difficult to get acceleration, to really hit a ball like you normally do, to get in your regular stride, because you just don’t have any support from your body. It’s just not doing the things you ask it to do. Now it’s like – I’ve gotten in a bit of a rut of just trying to get through games, instead of feeling good running at people and just taking off. I’m not sure if my body can handle it. Taking off on a sprint, I feel twinges, the legs just kind of let me down. There’s not really much I can do, because there’s not too many people available. If you can walk, you can get out there and you have a responsibility to do what you can for your team. We really have no other alternative."


artnsue said...

Ty Harden (Gaven Glinton?)
Joe Cannon
Alan Gordon
Abel Xavier (Ty Harden?)
Edson Buddle

A.C. said...

Two of the players artnsue lists are quoted, but not for the right quote.