Thursday, September 13, 2007

Both sides of the derby

Here's my take on Chivas USA's coming of age.

From the story:

"It won't matter what happened two weeks ago or last year," Chivas USA forward Ante Razov said. "That's how all these games are."

While recent history suggests the Galaxy won't provide Chivas USA much of a challenge, the Red-and-White expect nothing short of a difficult match. With a win, Chivas USA will overtake Houston for first place in the Western Conference standings. Couple Chivas USA's desire to keep piling up points with the Galaxy trying to string together consecutive favorable outcomes and the ingredients for another classic are in place.

"They are obviously desperate for points and there is a big rivalry," Razov said. "Everything gets thrown out the window and will be another crazy game."

Greg Daurio weighs in on the game from the Galaxy's point of view.

From the story:

"We know we've got a fight on our hands. (Chivas) is a good team," said Pete Vagenas. "It's not the Chivas team of a couple of years ago. Chivas is a team of that is on a streak right now and if I'm not mistaken is the hottest team in the league right now. Defensively they've been solid. They break well. It's about as tough of a match as we've had all year."

Adding to the drama of Thursday's game is the fact that Chivas blew out the Galaxy 3-0 in their last game. That game was played two weeks ago and was one of the low points of the season for Los Angeles.

"I think we owe them a little from last time," said Landon Donovan. "We were a little embarrassed by that, so there's some good motivation."

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