Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What about Clint?

Scott Wolf and I both wanted LD quotes, but we had to wait until Donovan finished getting his massage. We were escorted down by the locker room. As we waited, Clint Mathis passed by from the equipment room with a Galaxy game jersey flung over his shoulder.
"Clint, is that an official Galaxy jersey you've got there?" I asked.
Clint looked just a tad bit defensive.
"It's my jersey from when I was here," Clint said. "I just never picked it up, but I stopped by to get it today."
Mathis, of course, played briefly as a Galaxy player after being traded from NY and before moving to Ergotelis in Greece. He never played in a league game, though. He only appeared in exhibition matches during the Galaxy's tour to Sydney and Australia. Of course, Mathis had previously been a Galaxy player, back in their Rose Bowl days with a different jersey.
Mathis still doesn't know where he's headed to next. My question is, are any MLS fans interested? Would Mathis be a good fit for your team?


Anonymous said...

I'd take him... he did actually well during those exhibit games along with Becks and Donovan... and he can play on the left attacking midfield...

However his salary would be hefty...410k... (Ruiz 460k)


Jonathan Geissler said...

Clint = Metro Legend!



Marmaduke said...

San Jose could use anyone who might score. He'd be good as a withdrawn striker in a 4-4-2 or attacking mid in a 4-5-1

I don't see how he's any better for the Galaxy than Ruiz. He's certainly no less likely to be involved in a scuffle.

Anonymous said...

i'd take him in a second

Anonymous said...

I'd ask him to put his shirt on.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The last time I saw Mathis play in MLS w/Salt Lake, he was slow and out of shape. If his former club in Greece couldn't use him after one season, why would the Galaxy want him?

BTW, what's with getting all these former Galaxy players (Vanney, Franchino, Ruiz, now possibly Mathis) whose ability to perform has been compromised by age or injury? Is all this Cobi's idea? Is this how he's supposed to get Ruud up to speed w/MLS?

It wouldn't surprise me. Cobi never impressed me as having all the light bulbs on in his house.

If the Gals don't make the playoffs this season (which they won't), the entire coaching staff (outside of Gullit; this debacle isn't his fault) should be replaced -- Cobi, Trevor James, Ian Feuer. Of course, Bozo the Mad Genius should have been replaced long ago, but that's so obvious that it doesn't really bear repeating.

A.C. said...

Paul Bravo escapes the purge?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Good point, a.c. Dump Bravo, too.