Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ruiz on the warpath

I was talking to Brad Feldman on his Revs radio show today about players who lose their temper. He brought the topic up in the context of Blanco's recent behavior. I hung up after finishing up my bit on the show with Brad and waited to talk to some Galaxy players.
The press is grouped by Galaxy staff to one side of the field. No one in the group of reporters had requested a Carlos Ruiz interview, so we were puzzled when he headed over. Carlos proceeded to yell at Rene Romano, a writer for Fox Sports, about something Romano had written about him. Carlos was furious and calling Rene names in Spanish. "Stay away from me," Rene warned. Carlos stomped off in a huff (that's when I took the picture).
Rene's theory is that Carlos is bent out of shape about lack of playing time and angry that Rene wrote about Carlos taking extra time to stay in Guatemala during his national team call-ups there. Plus, he's probably worried about getting traded.
Still, yelling at the press to stop writing about you is probably counterproductive.


starinyourfire said...

i wonder what was said about carlos that made him livid, but i could imagine how frustrated he is with this season.

hopefully if he gets a chance he can prove himself on the field

Anonymous said...

True Guatemala National Team fans know that Rene Romano is a poor excuse for a journalist. Romano has had something against Ruiz for a while, he has fabricated false stories about Ruiz for years. I don't blame Ruiz for going after Romano.

Don't worry Ruiz, your true fans are behind you 10o percent and know that you give it your all out on the field for club and country.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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