Sunday, July 6, 2008

Matchup of titans

The first place Galaxy will host first place Chivas USA in a matchup of Western titans on Thursday.


Okay, so I'm using the term "titan" loosely.

Usually, first place teams this deep in the season are pretty solid and look to have the makings of MLS Cup contenders (see New England Revolution). But first place in the Western Conference these days means you aren't doing as bad as the rest of the pack. First place means both teams enter with identical 6-6-3 records but their respective grasp on the top spot is really tenuous because if the Galaxy and Chivas tie, the two teams could be tied for third place once the week is over.

Still, it will be the first time both teams are in first place entering a Super Clasico. That's merely a somewhat interesting statistic, not necessarily something that will make a difference either way in the end.

Incidentally, if there were just one single table the Galaxy and Chivas would be in a four-team logjam for fourth place.


Jonathan Geissler said...

i think i'm the first to say it but the new "read on..." concept you got going on here is so very annoying. my internet is slow, and i read your blog daily, so when i have to click it to read it, it takes a lil while. but it's all good.

L.B. said...

Something new we're trying. Sunday's a good day for a test drive. Bear with us :)