Saturday, July 5, 2008

Preki talks about win

We usually have video of coaches during the post-game presser, well, at least at games that Andrea attends. Saturday, she was there at the Chivas USA-San Jose match, and so was her camera. However, we have no video to offer, only audio.

You can blame me for that one.
Here's audio of Preki's post-game presser following Chivas USA's 1-0 win over San Jose. Sorry, but no video. Andrea handed me her trusty camera as she headed off into San Jose's locker room but the camera apparently didn't like me and thwarted my attempts to record with it.


A.C. said...

Nah, Luis, I should have shown you how to use the camera. Except I thought both coaches would be at the presser so I could have video of them, but then they opened the 'Quakes locker room before Preki even showed up. So I had to leave quick.

Anonymous said...

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