Sunday, July 6, 2008

Careful with wishes

After the very first SuperClasico in '05, I remember Luis and I talking about what a great game it was. The excitement, atmosphere and enthusiasm by everyone was amazing. The players were jazzed, the fans were cheerful and demonstrative. We figured only one thing could make it even better.

We figured the games would be even better if they really mattered. In 2005, Chivas USA was a woeful team. Defeating them was an expected outcome in many ways.
The roles reversed in subsequent years, when Chivas USA made the playoffs and the Galaxy missed out. But, it's never been the two LA teams at the top of the conference table.
I thought I'd be looking forward to the game more than I am, actually. It's not just that the West is definitely the weak conference that has sapped my eagerness.
I used to feel incredibly lucky to cover soccer in Southern California. Two MLS organizations, the national teams in town, good college squads, storied youth club teams made for a lot of variety in terms of soccer reporting.
That's part of the reason I wanted to start a blog - to have a depository for the little extra tidbits and thoughts such a soccer-rich beat provided.
It's getting depressing, though, and not just because the pressbox is dwindling as media outlets shrink their staffs. What I've liked about this blog, despite its obvious limitations (it's not for breaking news, really, more trivia, observations and the like)is that we offer and respect different perspectives.
I guess I don't understand why people can't hold different opinions without the debate turning rancorous or snippy. If one is a fan of one LA team and not the other, why bother to read posts about the other team, and what's the point of cracking in the comments?
For that matter, if people don't like Luis or I, why come to this blog to read our opinions and try to tell us what we actually think instead? I don't mind if people disagree with what we think - we ourselves often differ. I'm not even sure if this stuff on our blog bothers Luis the way it does me. It's just off-putting and lame.
I'm watching the Wimbledon final right now, and I think it's interesting that in the family and friends box, people with widely divergent rooting interests can coexist in completely civilized fashion. I know it's a different sport, but still.
I'd like to post info and whatever I can find on either team in the lead-up to the SuperClasico, but there's little incentive for me to throw open a forum for fans to abuse each other and us.


TrickHog said...

Don't give up the faith, Andrea. The sad fact is most people think the anonymity of internet discussions allows them to forget basic manners and act like jerks. I think comments would be much more civilized if everyone was required to publish their real name and e-mail address.

In any event, I love coming here to read the latest musings from you and Luis, even though I disagree with about half of what he posts....


TrickHog said...

Oh, forgot to add---


Goat meat for Lunch on Friday...

bmantx said...

Andrea, some tough love here.

You must develop thicker skin about this stuff. You and LB put out one of the best soccer blogs out there. It only hurts your loyal fans (like me) for you to let the jerks get to you. This is my favorite soccer blog anywhere. Don't even think of letting the haters win. We cool now?

Mon-sewer Paul Regret said...

I read this blog (and Luis') because I enjoy intelligent writing on soccer. As an Earthquakes' fan, I understand I am not your audience, so I keep my mouth shut about that stuff. You should write about what you want ... it's your blog. If it matters to you (and I'm not saying it should), just know that not all of your readers are fans of either L.A. team.

A.C. said...

Anyone who likes reading about soccer is our audience. I've a soft spot for the Quakes - how could one not, after covering good guys like Frank and Joe for over a year?
I'm going to post some more stuff I got later on from the EQ folk, too.
I'm probably just a little tired - back to back games and low sleep will do that to a person.
And I don't mind good-natured smack talk between fans of different teams on our blog at all. It's just sometimes I dread clicking on the comments - pot shots are discouraging.
That the anonymity of the net is somewhat to blame is a logical argument. Sometimes I need a little reminder.

Dan Haug said...
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Dan Haug said...

I think I've said this before, and it's really just a rehash of what others have already said here, but just to be supportive...

Hang in there!!!

There are a ton of people who appreciate what you do here.

... and Trickhog... I agree you should reveal your real name and email address so I can spam you the next time you say something I don't like on BS ;p

Sidenetting said...

andrea - don't ever forget that the vast majority of folks don't ever post comments. And if they did, it would be crystal clear that the nutjobs are a small, small minority.

Beax Speax said...

Andrea, you do a great job and I look forward to reading your articles and comments on this blog. You are one of the few US soccer writers who can write an objective, yet critical article without getting snarky and sarcastic. I always appreciate the the fact that you tend to take the high road, when so many others take the easy way out.

The glass is always half full!

SMS said...

You are one of my favorite journalists in any genre. Your ability to tell the story through the words and perspectives of the people themselves is truly a gift. I visit the Sideline Views more than any other website accept those I use in my work. Your tidbits here simply enrich everything else you write.

So, I join the chorus that says, "Andrea, when somebody decides to deface this site, think about all the people that appreciate you and Luis for enhancing our enjoyment of the game."

That should help. If it doesn't just let us know. I'm sure we'll all be willing to throw a little more love your way. It's the least we can do.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I agree with what everybody else said. Don't let the haters get you down! I, too, visit this blog multiple times a day - I love your behind-the-scenes info that you give and, as Beaux wrote, I like how you can write without being snarky...and at the same time, you can also join in good-natured ribbing as well.

With the SuperClasico this week - this site should be rockin'!

Go Galaxy, by the way!! Goat stew on Thursday!

Mister Snarky said...

You're nothing without me. Say it!

Seriously, Andrea get over yourself. This blog is better than ever. You and Luis do an excellent job despite your Galaxy lovefest. Thick skin is a good thing.

Your Canales Corner needs work (production wise, not content). You should also consider talking to the fans randomly at the games to get their perspective. Let them debate you and post it here. Do what Ives doewse and do some supporters stuff.

Honestly, this can be the best US Soccer/MLS blog in the country. At least on the West Coast.

Anonymous said...

The blog has come a long, long way in a year. With all the media cutbacks, you are needed even more now, not less. I hope, although can't guarantee, that you can hang in there until this becomes very lucrative. If Ives can make a living on it......

Andrea, you are the best. Really. Don't forget it. You have a gift for this.

From a faithful reader, Laura