Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tino talks

Kudos to Quaranta, one of the few DC guys who stopped to talk to the press in the hallway after we weren't allowed in the locker room by club officials. In the background one can hear Jaime Moreno a little bit. He stopped, too, spoke to a couple of the LA press members, but since I was interviewing Tino at the time, I couldn't switch over right away and Jaime had left by the time I finished. Heck, the entire team was gone. It's very difficult to get a decent variety of quotes with no locker room access.


Anonymous said...

why are the post-game stock quotes so key to reporters writing their stock stories? i don't see the big deal here.

so what if dc did not want to talk after the game? you just report the players did not want to talk and give chivas more play, which makes sense anyway -- i mean, they won the game anyway.

really, we are not talking about the president refusing to talk after a veto. this is a game story, and a mls story at that.

ps- that was funny how luis boasted he was writing his story as a chivas loss. ooops. rewrite. rewrite.

anyway, my two cents.

saludos, d

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