Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stunning win

America had such a terrible domestic campaign, the only thing that gave their supporters hope was Copa Libertadores. But even after getting past the group stage, it didn't look like that was much of a consolation prize. Flamengo beat America 4-2 in Azteca and coach Ruben Omar Romano didn't survive the night.

America needed to win by three on Wednesday to advance, a tall order for any club. But somehow, someway America reached deep down inside and pulled off a shocking result. America beat Flamengo 3-0 in the Maracana on Wednesday and advanced to the quarterfinals of Copa Libertadores.

Here's how they did it:


Martin said...

This was another Maracanazo! Uruguay's triumph in the 1950 World Cup over Brazil in the Maracana is known as the Maracanazo, well this comeback by America may not be of that scale but it is one of the best comebacks I can recall in years in the Copa Libertadores. Here was Flamengo fresh off winning the Rio state championship over the weekend, sending off coach Joel Santana to his new job with South Africa and up by two goals returning for their home leg. They expected this to be one big party but America had other ideas and as often happens with clubs like Flamengo (and the other Brazilian giant Corinthians) when things turn bad for the club the fans turn on their team instead of supporting it. Cabanas may have gotten some luck on his two goals as they both came off of deflections but every team needs a little luck now and then. Since America didn't make the playoffs in Mexico they are the only team left in the Copa Libertadores who won't have other duties so not only can they fully focus on this Libertadores but they should also be fresher than their next round opponents.

What can you say about both Boca and Sao Paulo? They don't always look pretty but they get the job done. It will take a special effort to eliminate either Boca or Sao Paulo in this tournament.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...
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Paulo said...

In the Maracana... anything is possible. This certainly is a magic place.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This only delays the inevitable: Hugo Sanchez as Club America's next coach.