Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post -game posturing

So much for being blessed. DC United stones the press outside their locker room, flouting MLS regulations to open it to media. Any media, including Steven Goff, who is out here all the way from D.C. The team doesn't do a post-match presser, and Kevin Payne just shakes his head when we ask, after he briefly appears, if we can go get quotes. Nearly forty minutes go by before coach Tom Soehn steps outside to take any questions. I break off from the scrum around him to try to get into the locker room for player quotes, because players are leaving as Soehn speaks. Danny Bueno of MLSnet is also trying to get into the locker room. We're told no, it's still not open. Gallardo comes out into the hallway - he shakes his head at me when I ask him if he'll answer questions.
Santino Quaranta still has a soft spot for some of the LA press - he stops to take a few questions. The rest of the players disappear.
MLS headquarters will probably fine the organization for not following league press rules, but DC administrators apparently don't care.


Anonymous said...

So what was that all about?

ufshocker said...

I'm a sports writer myself, and these situations piss me off. I end up blowing it off, but it's so damn annoying.

Good move breaking away from the coach as he acted like a smoke screen for the players to escape under. At least you got a few guys. But waiting 40 minutes is crazy, especially when on a tight deadline.

Obviously, D.C.'s slump is devasting for the players who are used to success.

However, no matter how much losing sucks and having to talk about it blows, they all know the deal about talking to the press.

It always seems half-ass to me when players and coaches love you after they win, but avoid you at all costs after a loss.

Take the good with the bad, and make A.C.'s job as easy as possible :)

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