Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Missed a scoop

After the Galaxy/New York presser, I noticed David Beckham limping slightly. Turns out he had, and still has, a sore foot.
At least he played, though. Landon Donovan suffered a calf injury and didn't even travel for the friendly versus the Whitecaps.
Three Galaxy players have been called up to the u23 team. BJ, Gav and Jules.
Most of the serious contenders for an Olympic spot were left off, but it's a chance to catch Peter Nowak's eye.


Anonymous said...

fingers crossed Becks will be ready again for the weekend.

too bad Jordan has leave us for a while with Buddle, Donovan, Ruiz and Allen all injuried he's pretty much the only alternative upfront except Gordon...

Wish them a good tournament tough. and hopefully Valentin will come back and then earn himself a starting spot.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean, at least he played? Of course he played. This game - and others like it - exist ONLY because of Beckham. He's contractually obligated to play.

I'm thankful Donovan didn't make the trip. And Ruiz either. More important games coming up.

I guess the Galaxy didn't learn from last year: playing an injured Beckham in meaningless friendlies does WONDERS for the regular season.

john said...

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