Sunday, May 18, 2008

Liguilla day three

Seems only Pachuca is immune to curses.

Chivas finished first atop the regular season table, a kiss of death for mortal clubs. Chivas succumbed to Monterrey after a 4-4 draw on Saturday. Monterrey took the series on an 8-5 aggregate.

Monterrey, of course, has benefited from Ricardo Lavolpe. Had Isaac Mizrahi stayed with Monterrey, it is unlikely he could have had this team playing this well at this point of the season. Monterrey moves on while Chivas goes home.

Since Toluca's great teams at the turn of the century, only Pachuca has finished atop the regular-season table and won the league championship. Los Tuzos turned the trick in the Clausura 06 and 07 seasons.

Also, Cruz Azul joined Monterrey in the semifinals. Cruz Azul ousted Jaguares after winning 2-1 on Saturday. The series finished on a 2-2 aggregate but Cruz Azul advanced by virtue of having finished the regular season with more points. Daniel Hernandez was sent off late in the match as the teams bade farewell to each other with a massive brawl.

I'll post highlights of both games later. Looking for a good recap of the Cruz Azul-Jaguares goals, I mean, brawl.


Okay, it's later. Here's a good video of the Cruz Azul-Jaguares stuff. If you want to keep an eye on our Sangre Americana boy, Daniel Hernandez, he's number 5. He takes a swing at Gerardo Torrado and Miguel Sabah and then I lost him in the scrum. Cruz Azul's Gerardo Lugo (number 23) gets chased for something he did. In terms of soccer brawls, it's pretty good.

And here are the highlights from Chivas-Monterrey. All they did was score eight goals, though. No huge brawl.


rosyf said...

As much as I enjoy a good fight, I am also fed up with barbarian teams taking a swing at my guys, go azules!

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To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?