Saturday, May 17, 2008

Coach of the Year - Buh bye!

Interestingly enough, no MLS Coach of the Year, for the past few years, has kept the same job the following year.
2004 - Greg Andrulis - Fired as coach of the Columbus Crew
2005 - Dom Kinnear - Relocated San Jose coach became coach of the new Houston Dynamo
2006 - Bob Bradley - Left Chivas USA post to become interim USA men's coach, moved to permanent position after early success.
2007 - Preki - Of course, Preki still has his job, but things are not going well for the club, thus, his Chivas USA position is looking precarious. He and the team badly need to turn things around, or over.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I don't think Preki is going anywhere. The injuries aren't his fault and the front office did its best to acquire the depth it needed; too bad that significant parts of that depth (Eskandarian, Wicky) also are injured.

The only stupid thing the front office did was not sign a veteran to back up Guzan in case he leaves in mid-summer after trading Burpo. For that matter, it was stupid to trade Burpo. But goalkeeping is not Chivas USA's problem now.

One thing should be clear, though: Even the best goalkeepers (and Guzan is one of the best) are only as good as their defenders. If the defense and midfield allow too much penetration, then a goalkeeper has to be an acrobat to stop what comes his way -- and not even the best goalkeepers can rely on acrobatics all the time.

john said...

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