Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Just got finished watching the Champions League final like millions of others around the globe. Sadly I had to pass on Martin Rogers' invite as I have kids and that pretty much means I have no social life. I did go out to Chivas USA training though, which I suppose is fitting as soccer is as close to a social life as I have these days, well, that and Disneyland.

Anyway, the game lived up to the hype. PKs aren't the most ideal way to decide a championship match but I don't think you could have watched them and not felt nervous. You've got to feel for John Terry. You can't come any closer to winning the Champions League final than having the goalie dive the wrong way on the decisive penalty kick only to have it sail wide. Unbelievable.

Still, the game I was really looking forward to watching starts in less than an hour or so as Boca Juniors visits Atlas. Is it a bad thing that Boca Juniors-Atlas in the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals appeals more to me than the Champions League final? Probably, but that's what it is.


Anonymous said...

why would it a "BAD" thing? personally, i find latin american football way more enjoyable than the european game. the passing is better, the game is more offensive, more alive... i find the european game depends way too much on its physicality. i just watched the champions final and for me, the real show starts in about 20 minutes from jalisco.

saludos, d

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here, I thought the Champions Final was kinda boring. Well, the PK's were a little more intersting, Terry must feel like crap right now.

Anyway, what channel does the Atlas/Boca game come on? GolTV? I really need to change my package on Dish.

Anonymous said...

fox sports en espanol has it

soyjimador said...

how fitting that the power went out with about 10 mins left in regular time and came back on AT THE VERY MOMENT manchester united players rushed the goal for the victory.

im shocked. its these crazy winds out here in so cal.

L.B. said...

watch it here:

Anonymous said...

good bye atlas, i guess... 0-3 in thirtysomething minutes... awful

L.B. said...

yeah, man, that was terrible. What a let down for Atlas.

Palermo's third goal was something else, though.

Oh well. What time is the San Luis-Cruz Azul match on again?

Anonymous said...

The United vs. Chelsea match felt like a true final and was gritty but lacked something.

Watching Boca dismantle Atlas in Guadalajara just really illustrates the point for me, that the best pure football is played in Copa Libertadores.

I bet if you ask Tevez if Boca could beat United or better yet if United could win Copa Libertadores, he would say Boca would dismantle them.

Cheers to United, at least they tried to attack throughout the competition and during the EPL.