Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brit Week celebrity game

Anthony LaPaglia in goal.
Rivers Cuomo, #10, battling for the ball
Scoreboard - the teams were tied for most of the match.
LaPaglia making a save

Ok, I didn't see most of it, and frankly, the format - UK vs World - was inconsistent. Alexi Lalas played on the UK squad, for example. The final score was UK 5, World 3.


FC Uptown said...

Thank you!

starinyourfire said...

those pictures really cool, its really cool seeing rivers playing i never knew he played. i just thought he made millions and millions of songs for weezer and himself. haha

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

If Lalas is playing in star-studded exhibition, then he should have the decency to suit up for the Galaxy and play in central defense. He's got to be better than Xavier; after all, he's a "Hall of Famer," right?

Besides, he put the Galaxy in this situation; he should have the decency to be accountable for it.

Then again, "accountability" and AEG don't go together, unfortunately.