Monday, May 12, 2008

Already cited rankings

1. Columbus Crew - Those who said Robbie Rogers should have stayed in Europe probably haven't watched him blossom in MLS play this season.
2. Chicago Fire - At this point in the season, Blanco is the king of the DPs.
3. New England Revolution - Boston's team is battling to find consistency.
4. FC Dallas - Hoops spinning in circles.
5. Toronto FC - Will streamers on the corners still get tacit approval from Don Garber?
6. Kansas City - Hopefully,their players made good use of their timeout.
7. New York Red Bull - Though at times their chances seemed more lucky than good, the team pulled out a road win versus the Galaxy.
8. Colorado Rapids - Will the real Rapids stand up - oh, sorry, strike the word real.
9. Los Angeles Galaxy - How to kill momentum? Yield a goal within a minute of scoring one.
10 Houston Dynamo - Guess who is back (with a little help from the ref)?
11. Real Salt Lake - Does Kreis coach better from the box?
12. Chivas USA - Strikers left stranded far too often.
13. San Jose Earthquakes - Yallop probably didn't expect that freedom (from the Galaxy circus) would come with so few wins.
14. DC United - Team may shake things up with a serious trade - or a win.


Anonymous said...

So, Dallas loses - at RSL of all places and they move up over a TFC team that didn't play?

How does that make any sense?

A.C. said...

Do the streamers make sense, either? Dallas has Cooper scoring again, and that turf at Real is so atrocious, teams get survival points just for playing on it.