Wednesday, May 14, 2008

After Carson, what?

US Soccer announced venues for the semifinal phase of qualifying, should the US get past mighty Barbados.

Sept. 10, Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Ill. (vs Trinidad/Bermuda)
Oc.t 11, RFK Stadium, Washington D.C. (vs Cuba/Antigua)
Nov. 19, Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, Colo. (vs Guatemala/St. Lucia)

I've advocated for the use of soccer-specific stadiums for World Cup qualifiers, so this is particularly exciting. Swap out RFK for Pizza Hut Park and it would have been fantastic news.

The US will play Barbados at Home Depot Center on June 15 in their first World Cup qualifier.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, I think Dallas was skipped so we could have a home field atmosphere.

L.B. said...

Whatever. If the US is worried about being at a home-field disadvantage against Cuba, then they've got major issues.

papa bear said...

@anon: there really aren't that many Cubans in the US or even in Dallas. Beside it's not even a very popular sport there. Baseball is king in Cuba.

Totally agree with LB they need to use the SSS' more to showcase them and also the atmosphere will be better. I'd rather have 20K fanaticos than 20K fanaticos and 40K silent corpses sucking the life out of the match.

Jim said...

Swap out RFK? Why? Pretty much an SSS now; great atmosphere, knowledgeable fans and one of the nicest pitches in the country. Usually a great crowd for Internationals as well.

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