Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Saturday's finals

Over the five years InterLiga has been held, there haven't been too many matchups pitting giants against giants. No Chivas-America. No America-Pumas. No America-Cruz Azul.

We did get the clasico regiomontano here in Carson a few years ago but that, to me that doesn't stir the same emotions as el superclasico.

That changed last night when Cruz Azul played Pumas. It's not a clasico per se but it's a matchup of Mexican giants.

We might get another one on Saturday. If America beats or ties Atlas tonight, we'll get treated to America-Cruz Azul on Saturday, el clasico joven. I'm pretty excited at the prospect to be honest. I was hoping to get either America-Cruz Azul or America-Pumas but once last night's game started I knew that America-Cruz Azul would probably generate a better atmosphere since the majority of the 9,000-plus last night wore blue.

However, that would be the best possible matchup but would it be the best thing for Mexican soccer? If America and Cruz Azul played, one team would go on to Libertadores and the door would be open for San Luis or Atlas to get another spot. San Luis doesn't exactly have a lot of tradition while Atlas was downright pathetic last year.

There's no guarantee that Cruz Azul or America would do better than San Luis or Atlas. Though history is on their side, Cruz Azul and America could both struggle in Libertadores. But I do think both sides would get out of the group stage. I think San Luis could as well but I think Atlas would struggle.

If the chips fall the way i think they will, we'll get America-Cruz Azul on Saturday. But it could also lead to the worst team from last season (Atlas) going on to carry the country's flag in South America.

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Luis/Andrea - you guys follow Mexico more closely than I do, and I crave your thoughts on this Davilo signing by FC Dallas.